Welcome to the Highway 65 Church of Christ

We are glad you have taken an interest in the Highway 65 Church of Christ. Our goal is to glorify Christ as God’s Son and to reach out to our community with the gospel of grace. We simply want to be Christians without the barrier of religious division or confusion. We believe the Bible should be our ultimate and only standard of faith and practice. Our desire is to seek God’s fellowship, as well as the fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord has blessed His followers with local churches to accomplish His work. The greatest gift we can give our families is the opportunity to come to know God better through worship and devoted Bible study.

We are excited about the spiritual work the Lord has outlined for us as His children in His Word. We believe that commitment to His will brings the greatest possible joy and is the means of fulfilling His purpose for our lives. When you visit with us we will not embarrass you in anyway, but you will be our honored guest. Our desire is for spiritual growth and maturity in our Savior.

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