A Spiritual Identity Crisis
Bruce Reeves, December 10, 2010

Many brethren in Christ are currently worshiping with local churches that are in the midst of a spiritual identity crisis. This identity crisis includes their approach to the authority of the scriptures, relevant moral issues, evangelism, edification, worship, church discipline and opposition to the division in the religious world today. It is a crucial time for the people of God. We have new generations of young Christians coming on who have been blessed with potential to serve God, but who also will face new doctrinal challenges as every generation does (Judges 2:7-10).

We are truly excited about the beginning of Sound Doctrine as an on-line magazine intended to deal with issues confronting Christians today in a balanced, yet focused way. Sound Doctrine will be available on Facebook and the website: sounddoctrinemag.com and through entering your email address you may receive each issue free of any charge. There will also be the option of downloading particular issues as they become available. If you have friends who do not have access to the internet please feel free to print off issues which would benefit them. We will have a variety of authors who you will find to be biblically substantive, Christ-centered and refreshingly practical.

We feel that there is a real need for the work that SD will be doing. From time to time I hear folks say things like, “We need to major in the gospels and minor in the epistles.” The implication being that if someone stresses doctrinal issues he or she is missing the point of the New Testament. There is no doubt that we must have the right attitude when teaching God’s word, but that is not to say we are to minimize the necessity of doctrinal truth! Unfortunately, sound gospel preachers are being charged with preaching a “church-centered” message rather than a “Christ-centered” message. While it is true there have been times when gospel preachers have relied too heavily on “cookie-cutter” sermons which massaged the minds of lazy bible students; it should also be noted that substantive sermons from the context of scripture with relevant applications will include the affirmation of truth and the refutation of error (2 Timothy 4:1-4).

It is important that disciples of the Lord refuse to allow conscientious questions on their part in defense of the truth to be suppressed. While local church autonomy should always be respected—a study of God’s word on issues of eternal importance should always be encouraged, given godly motives are present. As brethren let us have a profitable, honest and fair dialogue so as to glorify our God. It is our prayer that this publication will be profitable to your spiritual growth and development!